The Absence of your Host

Hello and welcome back (finally) to a well delayed new post. As you can probably tell, I absolutely failed at writing weekly over the summer. I didn’t even write monthly which I dearly apologize for. Life ended up getting in the way. I sprained my ankle badly at the very beginning of the summer and couldn’t find the motivation to write (and I couldn’t quite get upstairs to my computer haha) Then I had a small oral surgery. And of course there was basketball practices, friends events and my writing just kept getting pushed off. However, school has just started back and I am making a goal to publish a new post either every Friday at noon or every other Friday. Anyways I do have a new post in the making that I should get out either Tuesday or Wednesday for this new thing I’m trying out known as Blog Battle. To read about what this is or if you are a writer who would like to participate then click here: Blog Battle! 

Now, I really hope you read that but if you don’t I will give you a quick summary! Blog Battle is a monthly writing prompt that gathers bloggers from all over to write a short story on the prompt. This month however- it is not just a prompt but a word. The word is:


I am really excited to be participating in blog battle for the very first time and to see how the prompts and other writers will help me grow in writing. Well that about sums up the purpose of this post but be on the look out for my next post all surrounding the word moon.

-TTFN, Somebody, Somewhere over the rainbow



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