Blog Battle: Moon Bather

Hey, Y’all! I told you to be on the lookout and it took a little longer than expected, but here it is my first blog battle post. I want to keep the intro short but I hope you enjoy it and I would really encourage feedback and how I could better my writing! Thank you and enjoy.

I swear it’s not my fault. Did I know the girl would see me? No. Did I know that I’ve been craving attention for the past 79 years? Of course not, well maybe I did but that’s beyond the point. These things happen when you are stuck in the shadows every day watching kids “your age” come and go. Literally stuck in the shadows. My name is Eric P- I know it starts with a P. Patrick? Oh, Perigard. Eric Perigard. I know my memory is fading.  And where are my manners? I forgot, to clarify, I’m a ghost. My job is supposed to be to inhabit one house and either haunt or guard it. However, I never chose one specific place. I wander around as I please. The problem with my disobedience is that since my essence isn’t attached to anything, slowly over time I’m fading. As long as I keep to myself I’ve been okay and my essence is partly attached to the high school, where I spend most of my days. I haven’t run into any other ghosts because they aren’t common in this area. To become a ghost you die unexpectedly, like a car crash. Most people however in this small town live long lives and die of old age. I’ve watched over 200,000 kids come, learn what they need, build friendships and then graduate, I bet they lived fulfilling lives. None of them ever pay me any attention, but it’s not their fault they can’t see me. You’ve probably encountered a ghost without even knowing it. That random chill you receive that’s so strong but you can’t figure out why you felt it, chances are a ghost just passed through you. That’s the only connection ever felt between ghosts and humans. Until Carmen. I was sitting in an empty chair during 6th-period algebra. The girl next to me seemed to be staring at me but I figured she was just lost in thought. After class, however, she came up to me and asked,

“Who are you?” I was so taken aback by the question that I couldn’t find words. “Yes,” she continues speaking to me, “I’m talking to you, the one hovering over the ground.” It’s been years since I’ve spoken to anyone so all I could manage was, “Eric ghost I mean Ghost Eric, I mean Perigard.” She doesn’t even blink an eye. “So you’re a ghost named Eric?” I nod. “That is so cool. I’ve seen you around all week and I knew I couldn’t be imagining it. At first, I was a little spooked but now all I can think is how awesome it is. Can anyone else see you? How long have you been a ghost? How did you die?” The questions just keep sputtering out of her mouth. I finally look her in the eyes, which are such a catching shade of blue I feel as if I could get lost in them. “Um, hi, yes my name is Eric Perigard and to answer your questions: No you are the first to see me, Its’ been 79 years and you don’t want to know.” She purses her lips as if holding back the words I can practically hear about to spew out of her mouth. Instead, she gestures for me to follow her. She leads me outside of the school and asks whether or not I like nature. I nod. Behind the school is a small forest which I’ve never investigated, I’ve only ever been interested in the high schoolers, but now I’m only looking at Carmen. She’s so gorgeous I struggle to put it into words. She has blonde curly hair that lays perfectly above her shoulders and she has a pep in her step, that makes it impossible not to smile. As we delve deeper into the forest, I notice the sun starting to go down. I’m overwhelmingly tired and I don’t think I’ve felt this drained since… that night 79 years ago. Just thinking about it gives me shivers, and I’m a ghost. Finally, she stops moving and thrusts her arms in an outward motion. “Tada!!” She exclaims. At first, I see nothing then I look up and the makeshift treehouse comes into view. She begins to climb the rope ladder but I just float upward and through the floor. The inside contains a small couch, a rug, some snacks, but the main thing that catches my eye is the big hole in the roof. I point “Um, your hideout is broken.” “No silly.” She tries to punch my arm but she goes directly through me. She clears her throat. “Um sorry.” I just shrug and simply say, “Used to it.” “Well anyways, I did that on purpose, just wait.” I raise my eyebrows. What does she mean? Wait for what, a falling acorn, an animal? She doesn’t specify. 

For hours, we sit in the treehouse. She starts telling me about pretty much everything, her family, friends, school, and sports. She is so easy to get along with and doesn’t make me speak too much. Slowly I realize whats happening. This girl sees me. She’s beautiful, and I’m so comfortable around her. I’m falling for Carmen. As soon as the thought pops into my mind I feel my body shudder. I ignore it.”Eric?” Carmen asks but doesn’t look at me. “How did you die?” I sigh. “Okay. Well, it was winter. I was a senior in high school. My best friend Blake and I, decided it would be cool to go sledding at night. That next Friday was a full moon, so we planned for then. We met up just before twilight in this exact forest and had the time of our lives. Literally. We eventually found the best hill. I tried it out first and it was great. but when it was his turn… He slid directly into a patch of ice that turned out to be a lake. I had no idea what to do… so I jumped in after him. I managed to get him out but… I lost my energy and drowned. The next thing I remember I was laying in the forest as a ghost. I discovered Blake made it through the night, someone found him, but the hypothermia had long-term effects that caused organ failure a few years later.  She looks at me with a sympathetic look. I’m about to tell her not to be sorry when I fall through the floor unwillingly. “Eric!” She calls out. I know exactly what’s happening but I refuse to let it. I’ve pushed my boundaries. I left the school where my essence is partly attached, I’m talking and interacting with the living. On top of it all, I am attaching myself to her. All of this combined is causing my form to dissipate. I float back up to Carmen but I can’t sit on the wood floor anymore without passing through so I hover. I can see Carmen’s drawing eyes are filled with concern. I put on my best smile and lie, “Don’t worry, it happens often.” Her features relax and then quickly tighten again but this time with excitement. “Look this is what I meant!” The sun has completely gone down and I look up. I see the slight flickers of constellations but my vision seems to be flickering itself. Everything looks fuzzy and I look down at my own being. I’ve gone from my slight blue glow, to almost completely transparent. Carmen looks at me. “Eric..? Why are… I can hardly see you.” “I’m sorry Carmen… I’m fading. I can feel I’m almost- almost gone.” My voice is barely audible. Just before I’m completely dissipated the treehouse is filled with a light glow as the moon comes above the trees. I suddenly feel as if I’m full of energy. My glow returns brighter than usual. I can sit on the floor, memories even start to return. She looks at me. “Are you alright?” Her human instinct kicks in and she goes to put her hand on my shoulder. The thing is I haven’t been touched in 79 years. I’m a ghost, you get used to it. However, Carmen’s hand rests on my shoulder. It didn’t go through. She realizes this and stares in awe. “The moon… I think. I think it reinvigorated you.” She grabs my hand. I respond, “I think it did more than reinvigorated me. It’s like I’ve been humanized again.” Carmen looks deep in thought. “Eric, I wonder… you said you died at twilight under a full moon. I think… the moon is like your passageway back into the living world.” Just as she says it the moon disappears again and although I’m energized her hand that I was holding just a moment ago falls through me. “Your right. ” She smiles at me, “You know what this means?” I grin at her.

My name is Carmen. I dated a ghost. After we figured out his living passageway. We’d meet up every night after 7. I’d tell him everything, even though I know he watches me in the day. There were some struggles but we got through them. When I was 86 years old, I knew my time was up. He told me I wouldn’t be a ghost because I lived a long fulfilling life. So as I took my dying breath, he let himself fade along with me. Even still, my life was never the same after I met the moon bather.

Thanks for reading! Comment opinion! 🙂

-TTFN, Somebody, Somewhere over the rainbow


16 thoughts on “Blog Battle: Moon Bather

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  2. Love the narration method here. It flows really effectively. So glad I arrived via the BlogBattle Page. Using a ghost with the moon prompt and the way it is used is excellent. Bravo and I hope to see more of your B.B. entries too!!


  3. I really enjoyed this! A totally cool interpretation of the prompt. (just fyi, when he’s describing how he died, there’s a dropped word “it would be cool to *go* sledding” unless you did that to show how unused to speaking he is.) Following you and looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂


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