Blog Battle: Loss of Words

The dark clouds take hold of her life,

for she is too broken to stand up and fight.

She always resides in this now constant strife ,

as the battle of emotions rages in her heart.

The friends that once were are forever no more,

because that lethal tragedy has torn them apart.

She’ll never hear their laughs,

or greet them at the door,

for what once was a daily tradition is now no more.

The words of “I’m sorry” echo through her ears.

but the sentences she should say will never become clear.

The families ask her for speeches,

but she cannot just go out and hope for anything that fulfills.

She tries and she reaches for that assurance of hope,

but she hasn’t found it and she can’t see if she ever will.

The loss of words comes on so strong,

maybe it will be lifelong.

Hope plants itself deep in her soul that possibly she’ll heal one day,

but for now she’ll lay in her bed,

looking for what to say,

and praying, just praying that something will take away the dread.

9 thoughts on “Blog Battle: Loss of Words

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  2. Nice double use of the prompt! Loss of life and loss of words to describe that pain. That’s often how it goes, isn’t it? For some reason I’m imaging a car accident as the cause of all this heartbreak. Nicely done, regardless.


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